Flygt is a world leader in the design and creation of submersible pumps, mixers and electronic controls. It was founded in 1929 in Sweden from the fusion of two companies, a blacksmith and a fan sales company. Today it has manufacturing plants in Sweden, USA, China, Argentina and India and produces over 140,000 pumps every year. Their signature “Bibo” pumps are currently the most utilised submersible pumps in the world and Flygt engineers are also credited as the inventors of the first submersible drainage pump in 1947 and the first submersible sewage pump in 1956.


Flygt pumps have a wide range of applications including power generation, agriculture and Utilities & Infrastructure and are installed in the Channel Tunnel.


We offer supply, installation, commissioning & repair across the full range of Flygt pumps including other brands i.e. Goulds, Bell & Gossit, MJK from Xylem’s range of products.

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