Portable Compressors (C-Series) C85 - C140 Range

The new DLT1303 range has an electronic controller as opposed to the mechanically controlled engines on the previous DLT1302 version. It is powered by Cummins-Engine QSB 4.5 rather than the Deutz-Engine.

CompAir's long experience in providing portable air compressors around the world brings you the C85-14 to C140-9 models, designed and built to withstand punishing operation in construction, civil engineering and surface mining sites. The C110-9 to C140-9 models provide respectively 11.3 and 13.3 m3/min. of air at 8.6 bar for multi-tool construction site applications and also have 7, 12 and 14 bar derivative models. These meet the requirements of large scale blast cleaning of concrete or steel structures, building demolition and refurbishment, civil engineering activities such as rock bolting or ground stabilisation, and drilling activities in surface mining and geo-technical exploration. Today, specialist contractors in many of these applications require precise standards of air quality in terms of oil and water content, which are met by provision of numerous options to increase the operational ability of the C110-9 to C140-9 machines Electric generator options can also be added for powering lighting for night time operations or ancillary electrical tools to further increase their utility to contractors and the hire companies who supply them. Continuous investment in the latest computer aided design (CAD), powder paint plant, sophisticated manufacturing processes such as CNC rotor grinders, and rigorous implementation of ISO 9001 approved quality systems ensure you take delivery of a reliable and durable product.

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Product Rage in Portable C85 – C140 Range

  • C110-9
  • C125
  • C85-14
  • C95-12
  • C105-14
  • C115-12
  • C140-9

Features of the most popular range in the series

  • C Series - C110-9 (New DLT1303 Electronic Controller)
  • Portable Compressors (C Series - 8.5 to 14 m3/min)Output Free Air
  • elivery at Rated Pressure (m3/min) 11.3
  • Max or Rated Operating Pressure (Bar g) 8.6
  • Minimum Operating Pressure (Bar g) 5 ,Motor Power (kW) 97


  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Emissions
  • High Ambient Capability
  • Simple Controls
  • Deutz Engines
  • Increased Reliability