Portable Compressors (C-Series) C200TS-24 – C270TS-9 Range

Patented bi-turbo technology = Low cost of ownership!

A radical new approach to energy conservation

The CompAir TurboScrew patented bi-turbo technologymakes these compressors outstanding in their class. On average site conditions where the demand varies between idle, part load and full load, the TurboScrew consumes up to 30 % less fuel than most of the conventional compressors on the market.

TurboScrew Technology - Patented

CompAir’s TurboScrew compression system is a radical new approach to energy conservation. It uses a Cummins turbo assisted engine powering a CompAir screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas drive turbine, pre-compressing the suction inlet air before it enters the compression chamber.
A broad selection of 11 models from 9 to 24 bar and 20 to 27m3/min to meet a wide range of applications.

Small footprint & one of the lightest in class

The lightweight TurboScrew compressors can be towed by a vehicle with a maximum towing weight of 3500kg and is great for getting to hard- to-access sites.

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Product Rage in Portable C85 – C140 Range

  • C200TS-14
  • C210TS-12
  • C240TS-14
  • C250TS-12
  • C260TS-10
  • C270TS-9
  • C220TS-10
  • C230TS-9
  • C200TS-24
  • C210TS-21
  • C230TS-17

Features of the most popular range in the series

  • C Series – C210TS-12 (New DLT2701 Electronic Controller)
  • Portable Compressors (C Series - 20 to 27 m3/min)Output Free Air
  • Delivery at Rated Pressure (m3/min) 21
  • Max or Rated Operating Pressure (Bar g) 12
  • Minimum Operating Pressure (Bar g) 5,  Motor Power (kW) 180


  • Turbo Screw Technology
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Emissions
  • High Ambient Capability
  • Simple Controls
  • Deutz Engines
  • Increased Reliability