Mobile Racking

Mobile Solutions :Increase storage capacity with 80%
Stow’s mobile racking system is composed of conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases. This unique setup allows opening and closing of the aisles. Mobile racking enables compact storage while keeping the stored pallets individually accessible. Where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores, mobile racking is the perfect solution. Each mobile racking and storage system will increase capacity with 80% compared to conventional pallet racking systems and may lead to a significant decrease in lighting, heating or cooling costs. Adding P&D-locations to your mobile racking system might further increase the warehouse efficiency, resulting in a higher return on investment.
Basic characteristics of STOW Mobile racking systems
STOW mobile racking systems can be operated manually or automatically by an integrated RF-system. You can link the PLC-software to your mainframe and program it according to your needs. Stow’s mobile racking system offers remote control from an RF-terminal installed in the lift truck or from a hand-held device.
Safety first on all mobile racking systems

Stow makes sure safety is guaranteed by a photoelectric beam system, mounted on each mobile rack and at the outer sides of the complete installation. It complies with the European Machine Safety Directives. When the equipment is put into motion, the safety light bar system is activated.

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